Malak Al Zarafy

Malak is a recent graduate from Birmingham City University with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. Her interest in furthering her studies within Human Resources was due to the “Human” aspect. With being intrigued with the social side of a business, more specifically diversity and inclusion. What sparked her interest, was due to having a diverse upbringing with growing up in Japan. She was, exposed to a rich, diverse cultural background, that impacted her in a positive way. Thus, encouraged her to be exposed in understanding and interact socially from induvial who come from various of backgrounds.

Throughout her degree, as well as internships, she has obtained a solid foundation skill set that enables her to quickly adapt and contribute to the work force environment.

In 2021, Malak had joined Talent Development / InterSearch to aim to specialize within the recruitment sector, to hone on her skills to focus on identifying candidates that are C-suit Level position for clients from across the industries and region.