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Grønningen 25, København, Denmark

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Copenhagen, Silkeborg (Jutland)

Case Rose InterSearch is the premier Copenhagen-based international retained executive search and leadership consulting firm.

Highly experienced at handling critical appointments, we know the key issues to consider. Our collective experience covers a broad range of varied and difficult situations and enables us to supply our clients with advice which is well judged, clear and pragmatic. Our approach is disruptive and our thinking divergent. [expand title=”click for more”]

At Case Rose International we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our research and our ability to come up with lateral and innovative suggestions. Most of our clients choose to work with us repeatedly. In several situations, we have built the entire executive leadership team for companies of scale.

Case Rose International excels at the more challenging assignments. Whether clients need a rare combination of skills, or a new team to achieve a turnaround, or an individual to make a difficult relocation, we do what it takes to achieve results.

Thanks to our reputation and the strength of our network, we are in a position to enable our clients to access and appoint the most talented business leaders worldwide. [/expand]

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