Our organisation specialises in executive search, not just in particular functions or industries.  For each assignment we use this specialised recruitment methodology to ensure the successful placement of high-level, specialist, hard-to-fill and extreme location positions.

Why Use Retained Executive Search?

We are a retained search firm, therefore there is an initial investment to engage the Research Team and progress payments are made throughout the life-cycle of the assignment.

Executive search works on the principle that high-calibre; high-performing professionals are normally concentrating on the challenges of their present organisation.  A direct and professional approach to a person allows us to accurately portray and promote the client company and the appointment in a positive manner.

Executive search is the most effective approach when:

  • †The number of suitable candidates is limited
  • †A particular nationality is required
  • The position is of such importance that the best available talent/leader is required
  • †Our client wants to search across several countries
  • †Confidentiality and a thorough professional approach are essential
  • The position is hard to fill

In search we don't give up the assignment until our client has hired the right person.